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I wrote this song because of some people I knew who loved to tell me how much they loved the poor, sick, lost, etc., but they did absolutely nothing about it. I wrote this song with a kind of "catchy" feeling, to almost make fun of the situation. We should all make time for one another, and we should make time to give and help those in need.

Do you have enough to eat today? Do you have a place to sleep? Some people don't, so you should help remedy that. Every little bit counts.


Open up your mind to what is to come
Open up your eyes to what has been done
And you will know this tragedy is here

Open up this life and welcome the day
Look past your strife and give it all away
And there will be no tragedy

Time, time, you're all out of time
You're fine, fine, but don't have the time
To give, give, give it away
This time, time, you're all out of time this time

Open up your heart and let the change come in
Back to the start; where to begin?
You will see the comedy this time

You're all out of time and nothing else will change
You're all out of time, it can never be the same
Open up your heart and let the change come in
Let the change come in


from Listen To Them Now, released April 12, 2012
Words and music by Andrew McCallister



all rights reserved


Cloud Cover Sky Thailand

Cloud Cover Sky is the brainchild of one Andrew McCallister - musician, singer, and song writer of more than 20 years. Recently, his inspiration comes from his living abroad in Thailand. The debut album, Listen To Them Now, reflects his personal experiences and emotions from being in a foreign culture and learning about a deprived people. ... more

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